We are ‘Naka Naka Zakka’ variety store.


We are “Naka Naka Zakka” variety store.

We have been selling imported goods on amazon Japan and other platforms.

In order to introduce more wonderful products from all over the world to Japanese customers and make them happy, we are going to develop a wider sales channel, including crowdfunding.

We have just started, but we have a strong backing.

We have a director who is probably one of the most knowledgeable person in Japan in crowdfunding sales.

We also have a merchandiser who has connections with mass merchandisers and department stores all over Japan.

In addition, we have friends who are active in the import and sales business.

With the support of like-minded people, “Nakanaka-Zakka” is about to take a big step forward.

Let’s work together to sell products that have not yet been released in the Japanese market.

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